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English N60 and 061 courses are part of the Academic Foundations Initiative at SCC.

AFI Mission Statement: The Academic Foundations Initiative offers a comprehensive range of academic and instructional support services to build in students a strong commitment to academic and personal development as they pursue their educational goals and embark on lifelong learning.

The SCC Writing Center is designed to assist students in their study, practice, and communication of English. Specifically, students enrolled in English N60 and 061 courses will use the center for additional instruction and guidance, complementary to their primary instruction in composition. Part of the N60 and 061 curriculum requires that students spend 50 minutes per week in the center working on materials specific to the Writing Center Guide and Workbook. This work will be checked by the N60/061 professors as part of the overall course grade.

The Writing Center exists to promote student success, particularly in the skills which are fundamental to effective communication in all disciplines. English Department professors staff the center in order to best serve the students' needs.

We believe students are most capable of writing well if they can learn to identify their own errors and develop the skills to correct those errors in a way that reveals a unique tone and style. Our guidance will help them become good writers who use proper grammar and punctuation as well as their own voice.

What the Writing Center offers

  • Mini-lectures and workshops on grammar and punctuation
  • Computer-assisted instruction with a personalized curriculum
  • One-on-one conferencing with English professors
  • Assistance for all aspects of the writing process, from early planning stages to final polishing ones
  • Practice worksheets
  • Internet access for research

What the Writing Center does not offer

  • Editing sessions
  • Proofreading services
  • Computer use for emails
  • Computer use for typing non-academic materials