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There are two types of SLO assessment results available on this website:

  • ​​Program level: 

Most programs use course-to-program SLO mapping to assess program-level SLOs; however, several programs also conduct unique program assessments. Click on the division name under "Program SLO" on the navigation panel to the left to see a list of all award programs in that division with their program SLO assessments.

  • Course-level: 

​Click on the division name under "Course SLO" on the navigation panel to the left to see all active courses at SCC with a listing of their completed assessment reports. From those lists, you can click the links ("pdf") to review the content of course SLO assessment report documents.

​Due to faculty concerns, certain items in the SLO report documents (e.g. faculty names, assessment instruments, and plans of action listed on column five) have been removed prior to web publication.  If you have any questions or if you are an SCC faculty member who would like to review unexpurgated SLO reports, please contact the Institutional Effectiveness & Outcomes Assessment Office at (714) 628-5004.​​​ SLOASSESSMENTREPORTS.aspx​​