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STEM News and Multimedia

2014 RGM Team with Machine.jpg
SCC STEM Club's Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM) Takes 1st PLACE at the
2014 STEAM Machines Competition - Join the STEM Club today!

How NASA and JPL of Pasadena, CA got to Mars...:

President Obama highlights STEM in State of the Union address:  The president once again puts the science, technology, engineering and mathematics crisis front and more here.

Aerospace manufacturing jobs are here, but...:  "The manufacturing base in the L.A. area is phenomenal, but if we do not get fresh blood into our industry...those jobs will disappear."  Read more here.

2011 - The Year in Space:  a 44-image slideshow showcasing some of the most awe-inspiring pictures of Space in 2011...view more here.

New Species Pictures:  Images of several new species discovered, including the Cowboy Frog and the Armored Catfish...view more here.

Solar Storm stronger than predicted:  The solar storm that caused several days of intense geomagnetic activity in Earth's atmosphere was even stronger than originally more here.

Watch a 20-second video clip of the solar storm provided by NASA.

U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia:  The United States lost over a quarter of its high-tech manufacturing jobs during the past more here.

A Bold New Course for NASA:  President Obama lays out his vision for the future of NASA and for maintaining U.S. leadership in human space flight...see more here.

Trouble in Paradise - Ocean Acidification This Way Comes:  Sustainability of tropical corals in question, but some species are developing survival more here.

Brains and Beakers - Reinventing Musical Instruments:  Scientists and Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab get together to demo discoveries, methods, and more here.

Eureka Park - Technology at the Edge:  At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Tradeshow (CES), NSF partners to launch Eureka Park, featuring breakthroughs just out of the more here.

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