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Folder: MinutesMinutesLui, Anson
Folder: AgendasAgendasLui, Anson
Folder: Agendas-ArchiveAgendas-ArchiveLui, Anson
Folder: Minutes-ArchiveMinutes-ArchiveLui, Anson
Folder: NewslettersNewslettersBusche, Don
Folder: Technology PlanTechnology PlanBusche, Don
Folder: _vti_cnf_vti_cnfCampus Platform Conversion Utility
Tech Committee Minutes-Oct 2015 (2).pdfTech Committee Minutes-Oct 2015 (2)Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Nov 2015 (2).pdfTech Committee Agenda- Nov 2015 (2)Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Minutes-Sept 2015.pdfTech Committee Minutes-Sept 2015Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015.pdfTech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015.docxTech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-May 2015.pdfTech Committee Agenda-May 2015Ho, Alice
TC Meeting Minutes 2015April.pdfTC Meeting Minutes 2015AprilHo, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-April 2015.pdfTech Committee Agenda-April 2015Ho, Alice
TC Meeting Minutes 2015March.pdfTC Meeting Minutes 2015MarchHo, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-March  2015.pdfTech Committee Agenda-March 2015Ho, Alice
TC Meeting Minutes 2015Feb.pdfTC Meeting Minutes 2015FebHo, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-Feb  2015 (2).pdfTech Committee Agenda-Feb 2015 (2)Ho, Alice
scc.jpgsccHo, Alice
TC Meeting Minutes 20131212 Draft _2_.pdfTC Meeting Minutes 20131212 Draft _2_Ho, Alice
TechComm Agenda Dec 12 '13.pdfTechComm Agenda Dec 12 '13Ho, Alice
TechComm Agenda May 10, '12.pdfTechComm Agenda May 10, '12Ho, Alice
Technology Master Plan 2012-2017 Final.pdfTechnology Master Plan 2012-2017 FinalHo, Alice
big.jpgbigHo, Alice
Maclab01.jpgMaclab01Ho, Alice
maclab.jpgmaclabHo, Alice
Telepresencer.jpgTelepresencerHo, Alice
SCCollegeTechnologyDayProgram.pdfSCCollegeTechnologyDayProgramCampus Platform Conversion Utility
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