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Utilizing the iPad in a Classroom

                                          Utilizing the iPad in a Classroom                                

               by Garet Hill


At every level of education, use of technology is constantly emphasized as a priority from the instructor’s perspective. This can be a double-edged sword though, as we must use technology to enhance students’ learning experience, as opposed to simply using technology for use’s sake…so to speak. I want to mention a few of the different ways I use an iPad to create specific advantages in the classroom.                    



Notability: This is not a new tool, but in case you have not heard of it. Notability is my favorite application to use for annotating on an iPad. As opposed to various other annotation apps, Notability is available for only $2. The app utilizes a writing “window” that shrinks your annotation to a desired size. This window allows the user to annotate in a larger area than normal, resulting in better penmanship than typical digital ink.   




iPad and Airserver: Connecting an iPad wirelessly creates freedom to walk around the classroom during a lecture. No longer are we constricted to a lecture podium or a whiteboard. This creates a distinct enhancement to my lecture as students ask for assistance. I can see a student’s work while standing at their desks and show my response or explanation through the projector to the entire classroom. There are a few different ways to create the wireless connection. I currently use my laptop and a program called “Airserver” to do so, as Airserver acts as a host for iPad’s airplay ability. Another significant tool I use is iPad's "box for iPhone or iPad" application (similar to "Dropbox" if you are familiar with that). allows me to upload material from my iPad quickly and easily. When I make lecture notes to present to a class, I can upload the PDF to through the app. Students, after I have shared the link, can download those notes before class in order to create a more beneficial class session. Their notes now have more detail than what is usually possible by taking notes on their own. Instead, they can focus on the process-based discussion that occurs during a lecture.

There are numerous ways to enhance our classrooms and stimulate student success with the use of iPad. Hopefully these will provide some ideas to get you started.  


Links to mentioned apps:






Box for iPhone and iPad:



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