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Website Update

           SCC Website Update
  By Alfonso Oropeza  


 The Web task force group approved an upgrade plan to SharePoint 2010. The plan is to start implementation in March 2013 and simultaneously begin working for a new look of the SCC website. Review the questions and answers below for details.

When will the SCC website upgrade to SharePoint 2010?
After consulting with our vendor Sector Point, the next window to do this project begins in March 2013 and expected date of completion is in April 2013. It takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete the move. This upgrade will keep the same website look and feel, but will bring the web engine to the same version as the District and SAC websites.

Will the SCC Web get a new look?
The web committee is now beginning to use a document “District Guide for Producing a New Web Design”. The plan is to have ITS, Public Affairs, and SCC Technology committee work in tandem to facilitate the approach in coming up with a new web design. This new look requires at least six months to finalize a design prototype and about 6 to 8 weeks to implement it into SharePoint.

Will SharePoint 2010 training be available?
One of the steps in the upgrade implementation is to schedule current web publishers for training. One three-hour hands-on session for small groups of two to four people is a best practice. Four target weeks for training before the go live date are planned from 4/8/2013-4/29/2013. Then of course, training is always available after the go live date as well.  Training sessions will be divided between SCC trainers Don Busche, Dean Hopkins from Public Affairs and Alfonso Oropeza from ITS.

What does it take to get the upgrade completed?
While the current site continues to operate business as usual, the following depicts a summary of the project plan to prepare the upgrade:

SCC Web Upgrade SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Summary Plan






A new site is created with a temporary name such as “”

Sector Point



Current look and feel branding is replicated in this new site

Sector Point



Content is moved to this new site

Sector Point



Training is scheduled for all identified web content owners

ITS/Pub. Affairs/SCC Trainers

4/8/2013 - 4/29/2013


Both sites content are maintained in parallel until the go live date  ( and 

Web publishers

4/8/2013 - 4/30/2013


On go live date, the current site gets replaced with new site




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