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President's Message on Accreditation



President Juan Vasquez

What is accreditation? Ultimately, it’s a process of continuous evaluation and improvement that helps to strengthen colleges. A healthy, vibrant institution will naturally provide a better learning environment for students.


To prepare for Santiago Canyon College’s most recent accreditation visit in October 2008, more than 150 faculty, staff, students, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees contributed to a self-study report over a two-year period.

The evaluation team that visited the college and district office met with faculty, staff, students and administrators to evaluate Santiago Canyon College, its programs and services. In January the Accrediting Commission forwarded the resulting report, which included recommendations for continued improvement as well as commending the college on what it’s doing well.  

I’m happy to announce that Santiago Canyon College’s accreditation report confirmed what we already knew, that the college is a strong, vibrant learning community. Students are satisfied with their experiences here and feel that the college is committed to helping them meet their academic goals. College personnel are seen as helpful and friendly.

At just ten years old (as an independently accredited institution), Santiago Canyon College is one of the newest community colleges in California. I’m proud that in its brief history, the college has grown rapidly while maintaining its well-deserved reputation for excellence.  

We at Santiago Canyon College put students first, and it shows. We’ll continue striving to be the very best college in Orange County, helping our students achieve their goals in the classroom and in their lives.