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Upcoming Survey Classes

Fall 2014

Survey/Mapping Sciences 118, Plane Surveying
History of and careers in surveying. Introduction to survey measurements distance, direction and elevations with math review. Traverse computations and adjustment. Recording field measurements by hand and electronically.  Previous successful completion of Math 160 recommended.
​88874 ​03:15-06:25p ​Tuesdays ​Don Mertens
Hybrid--a mixture of in class and online instruction. In addition, Saturday labs meet 8:00am-4:30pm on Sept 13, 27; Oct 18; Nov 1, 15, and Dec 6. Information given Aug 26, the first class meeting.

Survey/Mapping Sciences 205, Computer Aided Design Fundamentals for Surveyors
A first course in computer drafting with applications in land surveying specifically intended for students with land surveying training or experience. Recommended preparation: Survey/Mapping Sciences 119, 221.
​88878 ​06:30-09:40p Wednesdays​ Jeff Covey​

Survey/Mapping Sciences 229, Legal Aspects of Land Surveying I
Basic elements of the U.S. Public Land Survey System, including background, history, and subdivisions of sections and restoration of lost corners. Principles of preparing land descriptions for surveyors and title people. Common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Recommended preparation: Survey/Mapping Sciences 118 and 119.
​88886 ​Online ​TBA   ​Tom Propst
Students must log in to the first day of class to download syllabus, or be dropped. Contact instructor with questions at Requires 3 hours per week online.