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Water Utility Science Faculty


Stephen McLean
Program Facilitator
E-315, (714) 628-4792
Water Math & Hydraulics
Water Treatment Fundamentals
California Water Resources
Water Conservation Practitioner


Shabbir Basrai
(951) 833-1170
Wastewater Treatment Basic Operations

Ray Burk
(562) 907-9200 x421
Water Distribution Systems

Dennis Cafferty
(949) 837-7050 x223
Advanced Water Distribution

Jeffry Dennis
(213) 713-6699
Advanced Water Treatment
Water Chemistry and Bacteriology

Andy Komor
(562) 907-9200 x421
Water Reclamation and Reuse

Michael Molinari
(949) 292-9053
Electrical Wiring & Controls for Operators
Water Math & Hydraulics

David Rodriguez
(714) 713-2491
Collection Systems
Pumps and Pumping