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English Department Faculty

Full-Time Faculty*

name Office Phone
E-MailWEB Page
 Elchlepp, Elizabeth--ChairH-220628-4784mail


 Adams, RickH-217628-4935 email 
 Beers-McCormick, Lynnette​H-311628-4944 mail 
 Dela Cusack, LisaH-223628-4945 mail 
 Evett, CorinnaH-221628-4829 mail 
 Isbell, JimH-225628-4946 mail  
 Kosuth-Wood, Kathryn H-222​628-4950​ mail 
 Lennertz, WilliamH-217​​628-4781 email
 Roe, MaureenH-219628-4746 mail
 Tragarz, RobertaH-219628-4743 mail 

 *Full-time faculty office hours are posted outside professors' doors at the beginning of each semester.

Adjunct Faculty

 Barraza, Gregorymail
 Bootman, Ashly​mail
 Brenn​an, Peter mail
 Cabral, Johnmail
 Greenberg, Herschelmail
 George, Sarah mail
 Heller, Carla mail
 Hill, Joan mail
 Matuzak, Mary mail
 McGaughey-Gilreath, Christen mail
 Munz, Kristina mail
 Paquette, Christophermail
 Rochford, Nycole mail
 Rohr, Sandra mail
 Smith, Sean mail
 Stansbury, DeAnna mail
 Swingrover, Elizabeth mail
 Turnbull, Lisa mail
 Uvalle, Amanda​mail