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English Department Faculty


Full-Time Faculty*

name Office Phone
E-MailWEB Page
 Elchlepp, Elizabeth--ChairH-220628-4784mail


 Adams, RickH-217628-4935 email 
 Beers-McCormick, Lynnette​H-311628-4944 mail 
 Dela Cusack, LisaH-223628-4945 mail 
 Evett, CorinnaH-221628-4829 mail 
 Isbell, JimH-225628-4946 mail  
 Kosuth-Wood, Kathryn H-222​628-4950​ mail 
 Lennertz, WilliamH-217​​628-4781 email
 Roe, MaureenH-219628-4746 mail
​​ Pecenkovic, NidzaraH-223​628-4994
 Tragarz, RobertaH-219628-4743 mail 

 *Full-time faculty office hours are posted outside professors' doors at the beginning of each semester.

Adjunct Faculty

 Barraza, Gregorymail
 Cabral, Johnmail
 Greenberg, Herschelmail
 George, Sarah mail
 Heller, Carla mail
 Hill, Joan mail
 Matuzak, Mary mail
 McGaughey-Gilreath, Christen mail
 Munz, Kristina mail
 Paquette, Christophermail
 Rochford, Nycole mail
 Rohr, Sandra mail
 Smith, Sean mail
 Stansbury, DeAnna mail
 Swingrover, Elizabeth mail
 Turnbull, Lisa mail
 Uvalle, Amanda​mail