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Fitness Center

Summer 2015


Monday - Thursday

8am - 12pm


Fitness Center Phone Number

(714) 628-4851




KIN 140A



0.5 unit

KIN 140B



 0.5 unit

KIN 140C



 0.5 unit


Important Notice:
All new students taking one of the Fitness Center classes must attend an orientation.
Orientations are at 10am each day during the first week of the semester.

All returning students need to check in during the first week or they will be dropped from the course.

All students need to complete take-home Test #2 to receive credit for completing the course.

All students who are unable to register for a Fitness Center class do to repeatability need to see an instructor to get a Community Services form signed to add the class through Community Services. This is the only option available if you have taken any Fitness Center class more than 3 times.