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Geography Degree Requirements

Geography Degree (SCC 0604)

The associate degree curriculum in geography provides students with an interdisciplinary background for entry into a curriculum at a four-year institution leading to a baccalaureate degree with career opportunities in a wide range of jobs in government, such as Bureau of Census, C.I.A., D.E.A., U.S.G.S., Department of Immigration and Naturalization, Department of State; and in private industry, such as planning market research, land use analysis, transportation, travel and tourism, and education.

Major requirements for the associate in arts degree:


Geography 100/100H, World Regional Geography                     

Geography 101, Physical Geography                                                   

Geography 102, Cultural Geography

Recommended Electives








Recommended electives must be chosen from Category A and Category B below with a minimum of 3 units from each category.

Category A

Anthropology 100/100H, 103; Economics 120; History 101/101H, 102/102H; Political Science 201, 220.

Category B

Anthropology 101; Astronomy 109, 110/110H, 140; Biology 200, 259; Earth Studies 150/150H; Environmental Studies 200, 259; Geology 101, 101L, 111, 112, 140, 150/150H, 162, 164, 166, 168, 170, 172, 174, 176, 178,  201; Physical Science 117, 118; Survey/Mapping Sciences 150.

It is strongly recommended that geography majors transferring to the CSU or UC system complete Foreign Language courses at the 201 and 202 level, and Social Sciences 219/219H or Mathematics 219/219H.

Recommended electives: Counseling 116; Library and Information Studies 103; Philosophy 108; Sociology 112.