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Honors Program

Your Best Transfer Opportunity

Why Honors?

  • Smaller classes 
  • Innovative instruction
  • Enriched environment
  • Unique learning community
  • Earning a special honors designation on your transcript

Are Honors classes more work?

  • No! An honors course is not more work, just more creative, with more student-driven activities and discussions.
  • Guest speakers and field trips.

What is the mindset of Honors students?

  • They recognize the importance of thinking critically and independently.
  • They value education and want to get the most out of every class to achieve long-range goals.
  • They thrive on close interaction with a small, supportive group of peers and faculty where everyone is on an equal footing.
  • They may never have been recognized by others or themselves as honors students, but now have the chance to fulfill previously underestimated abilities and potential.