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Honors Program

Your Best Transfer Opportunity

Who can enroll in an Honors class?

At SCC, you do not have to be admitted into the Honors Program to take an honors course.​ As long as you fulfill the course prerequisites as stated in the course catalog, you may register for an Honors course.​

Why Honors?

  • Smaller classes 
  • Innovative instruction
  • Enriched environment
  • Unique learning community
  • Earning a special honors designation on your transcript

Are Honors classes more work?

  • No! An honors course is not more work, just more creative, with more student-driven activities and discussions.
  • Guest speakers and field trips.

What is the mindset of Honors students?

  • They recognize the importance of thinking critically and independently.
  • They value education and want to get the most out of every class to achieve long-range goals.
  • They thrive on close interaction with a small, supportive group of peers and faculty where everyone is on an equal footing.
  • They may never have been recognized by others or themselves as honors students, but now have the chance to fulfill previously underestimated abilities and potential.