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American Sign Language


Sign Language 110, American Sign Language I

This entry level course is designed to introduce students to American Sign Language (ASL) and fingerspelling as it is used within American Deaf culture. Instruction includes preparation for visual/gestural communication followed by intensive work on comprehension skills, modeling of grammatical structures, and general information about American Deaf culture. ​Sign Language 110 is equivalent to two years of high school ASL. 

CSU/UC Units: 3.0

Sign Language 111, American Sign Language II

The second course in the study of American Sign Language (ASL) focuses on development, comprehension skills, grammatical structures and practice in the receptive and expressive aspects of ASL, as well as a continued exposure to American Deaf culture. It is designed for the student or professional interested in working and interacting with the Deaf community. 

CSU/UC Units: 3.0​

Sign Language 112, American Sign Language III
The third course in the study of American Sign Language (ASL) emphasizes ASL syntax, facial grammar, vocabulary, and fingerspelling enabling students to participate in more complex conversations with Deaf community members. This course enhances students’ receptive and expressive skills in ASL. It is designed for the student or professional interested in working and/or interacting with the Deaf community. 
CSU/UC Units: 3.0
Sign Language 113, Introduction to Interpreting for the Deaf

Introduction to and survey of basic theories, principles and practices of American Sign Language Interpreting and Transliterating for the Deaf. Explores the full spectrum of the roles and ethical responsibilities of professional sign language interpreters in a variety of settings. Provides for practice of expressive and receptive skills. Includes instruction on national testing standards and preparation for certification

CSU Units: 3.0
Sign Language 114, Classifiers, Fingerspelling, and Numbering

This course is designed to provide specialized instruction in the continued development of skills and application of American Sign Language (ASL) classifiers, fingerspelling, and numbering concepts.  Expressive and receptive techniques will be emphasized. 

CSU Units: 3.0
Sign Language 116, Perspectives on Deafness

This is an introductory course exploring the cultural, educational, linguistic and audiological experiences of people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind and late-deafened in America. Students will be exposed to historical and current perspectives in trends, philosophies, ideologies, and the Deaf community as a subculture of American society.​

 CSU/UC Units: 3.0​