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Intermediate Algebra




Chapter 1   Basic Concepts and Relationships

                 Basic Concepts

                 Angles and Angle Measure

                 Special Relationships: Angles and Lines

                 Combination of Functions

                 Inverse Functions


Chapter 2   Two Polygons

                 Introduction to Polygons

                 Congruent Triangles

                 Similar Triangles


Chapter 3   Circles and Constructions

                 Introduction to Circles



Chapter 4   Perimeter and Area: Pythagorean Theorem

                 Perimeter and Area

                 The Pythagorean Theorem

                 Surface Area


Chapter 5   Introduction to the Deductive Process

                 Making Conclusions

                 The Components of a Deductive System

                 Conditional Statements

                 Deductive Logic


Chapter 6   Using the Deductive Process

                 Introduction to Deductive Proofs

                 Congruent Triangle Proofs

                 Isosceles Triangle Proofs


Chapter 7   Proofs Involving Transversals and Inequalities

                 Transversals and Inequalities

                 Proving That Lines Are Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


Chapter 8   Parallelograms

                 Characteristics of Parallelograms

                 Proving That a Quadrilateral Is a Parallelogram

                 Rhombuses, Rectangles And Squares


Chapter 9   Special Relationships in Triangles

                 Right Triangles

                 General Properties of Triangles


Chapter 10  Proofs Involving Circles

                      Postulates and Definitions

                  Angles That Have Vertices on the Circle

                  Angles That Have Vertices in the Exterior and Interior of the Circle

                  Tangents and Secant Segments

                  Tangent Relationships for Two Circles






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