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Math 150    Brief Calculus

TI-83 Graphic Calculator Help



Chapter 1   Functions, Models and Average Rate


Chapter 2   Limits, Instantaneous Rate of Change and the Derivative



                     Product Rule

                     Quotient Rule



Chapter 3   Applications of the Derivative


                 Marginal Analysis


Chapter 4   Additional Differentiation Techniques

                    Chain Rule

                    Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

                    Derivatives of Exponential Functions

                    Implicit Differentiation

                    Related Rates

                    Elasticity of Demand


Chapter 5   Further Applications of the Derivative

                    Graphical Analysis with First Derivatives

                    Graphical Analysis with Second Derivatives



Chapter 6   Integral Calculus

                     Indefinite Integrals

                     Definite Integrals


                     Integrals that Yield Logarithmic Functions

                     Integrals that Yield Exponential Functions

                     Differential Equations:  Growth and Decay


Chapter 7   Applications of Integral Calculus

                     Average Value

                     Area between Curves                    


Chapter 8   Calculus of Several Variables

                     3D Grapher

                     Functions of Several Independent Variables

                     Partial Derivatives

                     Lagrange Multipliers


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