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Math 160    Trigonometry

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Chapter 1   The Six Trigonometric Functions

                 Angles and Degrees

                 Rectangular Coordinate System

                 Trigonometric Functions

                 Trigonometric Identities


Chapter 2   Right Triangle Trigonometry

                 Solving Right Triangles



Chapter 3   Radian Measure

                 Reference Angle

                 Radians and Degrees

                 Circular Functions

                 Arc Length

                 Area of a Sector



Chapter 4   Graphing and Inverse Functions



                 Phase Shift

                 Graphing Combinations of Functions

                 Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Chapter 5   Identities and Formulas


                 Sum and Difference Formulas

                 Double Angle Formulas

                 Half Angle Formulas


Chapter 6   Equations

                 Solving Trigonometric Equations

                 Trigonometric Equations Involving Multiple Angles


Chapter 7   Triangles

                 Law of Sines

                 Ambiguous Case

                 Law of Cosines

                 Area of a Triangle



Chapter 8   Complex Numbers and Polar Coordinates

                 Complex Numbers

                 Trigonometric Form of Complex Numbers

                 Products and Quotients in Trigonometric Form

                 Roots of a Complex Number

                 Polar Coordinates

                 Equations in Polar Coordinates



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