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Philosophy Degree

The Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy*

The associate degree curriculum in philosophy prepares students to move into a curriculum at a four-year institution leading to a baccalaureate degree. The baccalaureate degree is intended for those students who plan to teach philosophy, or for pre-professional students in such areas as theology and law, and as a foundation for graduate studies in the areas of library science, diplomacy, theoretical physical science and specialized historical studies.

Major requirements for the A. A. in Philosophy:

Philosophy 106/106H, Introduction to Philosophy--3 units

Philosophy 108, Ethics--3 units
Philosophy 110/110H, Critical Thinking--4 units 

Philosophy 111, Introductory Logic--4 units
Philosophy 112, World Religions--3 units

Philosophy 118, History of Philosophy--3 units

Electives--6 units
Total required = 22 units



A minimum of six elective units to be selected from the following:

Art 101, 102; English 271, 272; History 101/101H; Library and Information Studies 103; Music 101/101H; Psychology 100/100H.


*information from the 2013-2014 Santiago Canyon College catalog.