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Engineering Courses at SCC

Engineering 210 - Engineering Materials

Unit(s): 3.0
Class Hours: 48 Lecture total.
Prerequisite: Chemistry 219 and Physics 250A.
Recommended Preparation: Chemistry 229.
Introduction to the properties and performance of engineering materials and the relationship of those properties to the internal structure of materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, and semiconductors.
Engineering 220 - Statics
Unit(s): 3.0
Class Hours: 48 Lecture total.
Prerequisite: Mathematics 185 and Physics 250A.
An introductory course on the analysis of forces acting on objects and structures in equilibrium. Topics include equilibrium of particles, forces and friction, and static equilibrium of rigid bodies.
Engineering 225 - Dynamics
Unit(s): 3.0
Class Hours: 48 Lecture total.
Prerequisite: Engineering 220.
Fundamentals of kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies. Topics include Newton’s laws of motion, kinematics of particles, planar and three dimensional motion of rigid bodies, conservation principles, and an introduction to vibrations.
Engineering 230 - Network Analysis
Unit(s): 5.0
Class Hours: 64 Lecture total, 48 Laboratory total.
Prerequisite: Physics 250B.
Corequisite: Mathematics 287 or 295
Recommended Preparation: Prior completion of Mathematics 287 or Mathematics 295.
An introductory course on the modeling and analysis of electrical networks. Topics include basic network theorems, steady state analysis, Laplace and Fourier transforms.