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Library Laptops

                           Library Laptop Computers: General Information



The Santiago Canyon College [SCC] Library has wireless laptop computers available for use anywhere in the Library by currently enrolled SCC, Santa Ana College [SAC] students, current SCC staff/faculty and current members of the SCC Friends of the Library.




§       Laptop computers are for Library use ONLY, i.e., laptops may not be taken out of the Library building.

§       Wireless laptops services are available to:

o      Currently enrolled SCC/SAC students

o      Current SCC staff/faculty

o      Current members of the SCC Friends of the Library


§         Laptop computer users agree to comply with the Library’s Computer Use Policy and Computer Use: Standards of Conduct.


§         Laptop check-out service stops one hour  before the stated library closing time.

§       Laptop computers are checked out at the Library Circulation Desk in a library-provided carrying case.

o        Laptop and accessories should NOT be left unattended in the Library!

o        User is responsible for the safety and return of the laptop/laptop accessories as well as for any fines/fees incurred in the use of the laptop/laptop accessories.


§         Any laptop damage or malfunction must be reported to the Circulation Desk immediately.


§         Library staff will inspect the unit in the presence of the user when it is returned to the Circulation Desk.

o       Any tampering and/or damage to the laptop or carrying bag will result in damage fees, possible suspension of laptop and/or library check-out privileges, and/or possible referral for further disciplinary action.


loan period & late fine


§         Loan period:       2 hours [EXCEPTION: any laptop checked-out during

the last 1 ½ hours before laptop check-out services stop is DUE




Ø       A laptop checked-out at 7:00 pm on a weekday night

is due back at 8:30 pm which is only a 1 ½ hour check-out period  but meets the check-in rule that laptops be returned 30 minutes before 9:00 pm closing time.

§         Renewals:          NO

§         Late charge:       One dollar per minute with no limit on late fine





§         Storage media accommodated:

o        3 ½” diskette –older laptops ONLY, i.e.,  those numbered 

                               IOLIB20M01 through IOLIB20M12

o        Flash drive – all laptops

o        CD Read & Write –new laptops ONLY, i.e., those numbered

                                    IOLIB10M01 through IOLIB10M12

o        CD Read Only –older laptops ONLY, i.e.,  those numbered

                               IOLIB20M01 through IOLIB20M12

o        DVD Read Only – all laptops

§         Peripherals available:     headphones

§         Laptop battery should last for the 2-hour loan period

o        NOTE:  Intensive CPU and hard drive activities will deplete the battery more quickly.

software /applications


§         Windows XP

§         Microsoft Office 2003 suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page, Publisher, Office Project, Visio

§         Adobe Acrobat Reader

§         Windows Media Player

§         QuickTime

§         Flash player


saving work


§         Work must be saved on user-provided storage media.

o        SUGGESTION:   Save work frequently.

§         Library is not responsible for any work saved/lost/damaged on the desktop.




§         B/W and color printing from laptops is supported.

§         Print jobs from laptops are sent to the 1st floor printers in the Library Print Station

§         Default printer setting on laptops is set to B/W Printer #1.


Handling  & Safety Issues


§         always Use carrying bag to transport laptop

§         DO  NOT leave Laptop and accessories unattended in the Library!

§         Do not carry the laptop while it is still powered ON.

§         Avoid touching screen.

§         Library users are asked to limit laptop use to locations that will not create a safety hazard to the laptop or to other Library users.


Shutting Down the Computer


§         Close all applications.

§         Close timer at top of screen.

§         Turn off the laptop by pressing the power button once.





February 26, 2007