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Suggested Topics for Persuasive Essays

<>                Topics for Research Paper


ADHD treatment

Drinking age

Homeland security

Animal rights/Experimentation


Driving age


Cameras in courtrooms 


Drug safety

Intelligent design

Capital punishment


Electric cars


Legalization of marijuana

Capital punishment


Euthanasia /Assisted suicide


Mandatory drug testing



 Childhood obesity

Fast food

Minimum wage


China & India as emerging powers


Food safety


Music downloading



 Cigarette/alcohol advertising

Gastric bypass surgery



Open adoption


Gene testing



Coastal development

Genetically modified foods

Patriot Act v. Civil Liberties  

College costs

Global warming


Condoms in school

Gun control 


Sex in advertising

Cosmetic surgery

Health/Medical insurance


Sex trafficking

Consumer culture  

Home schooling

     Smoking bans 


Creationism v. evolution


Identity Theft



Video games