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Academic Success Center - Policies

Academic Success Center Policies:


  • Center users should carry their college I.D. card or know their student I.D. number in order to sign-in.
  • Center computers are restricted to academic activities only. Chat rooms, music videos, messages, e-mails, downloads, games and/or any other non- academic activity is prohibited.
  • Center/College personnel reserve the right to monitor all computer-related activities performed by students within the Academic Success Center through the use of monitoring software.
  • See 'Standards of Conduct for Computer Classrooms and Computer Labs' in the

    SCC Catalog  


As a courtesy to other Center users:

  • Log into the Success Center before using the lab resources.
  • Log out of the Success Center before leaving.
  • Work quietly so they do not disturb other students.
  • Use computers only for academic activities.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones and electronic devices.
  • Leave their work area clean.
  • Take responsibility for their personal property.
  • Notify Success Center staff immediately of any computer problems.
  • Push in keyboard tray and chair. 
  • Place headset neatly next to the computer monitor
  • Handle all calls received by cell phone outside of the Center.
    • *DO NOT:
  • Log into the ASC during any class time, even if the class is released early or cancelled.
  • Bring food or drink into the Success Center.
  • Bring "guests" (i.e., friends, relatives, children) to the Success Center.
  • Change settings on the computers.
  • Attempt to fix any computer problems.
  • Turn off the computer (CPU) upon leaving.
  • Connect any personal computers or laptops into the Success Center’s network.
  • Use the Internet for personal use.
      We hope that you will enjoy the pleasant, friendly atmosphere provided within the Academic Success Center.