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Petition to Graduate Forms

Degrees and Certificates FAQ

Who Should Submit a Petition?

  • Students who have completed at least 30 degree units and working towards completing their degree and/or certification should submit a petition to graduate.
  • Even if you do not wish to participate in commencement, you need to complete a petition to receive your degree and/or certification.

Where Should I Submit My Petition?

Graduation petitions are submitted to the Admissions Office.  The Admissions Office is located in the E-Building.

When Are Petition Forms Due?

  • Spring 2017 - March 3​​
  • Summer 2017 - July 7
  • Fall 2017 - Oct. 6​             
Submit your petition for graduation the semester prior to your final semester.
Petitions submitted after the deadline will be processed for the following semester. 

How Do I Get Help Completing a Petition?

For directions on how to complete a Petition, please view the following PowerPoint presentation:The Key to your Future


How Do I Contact the Graduation Office?

Office: Graduation Office (E-101): 
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00am to 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Call: (714) 628-4852
Interim Graduation Specialist: Tiffany Garbis
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