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American College English/ESL Courses

The ACE Program  


The following chart shows the sequence of courses in the ACE program, as well as how many units each course is, how many hours each one meets per week, and which additional courses at SCC are advised for each level.





ACE  N42, Writing/Reading 4 units, 6 hours/week +

ACE N43, Speaking Skills 2 units, 2 hours/week



TELD Placement test profile.

ACE  N42 students are strongly advised to take ACE N43 with N42. 

We advise students with very low TELD scores to take Continuing Education classes at the Orange Education Center.  This is our lowest level, but it is not a beginning level.


ACE 080, Writing Lab (0.2 unit) 



ACE 052Writing/Reading 4 units, 6 hours/week       

ACE 053, Speaking Skills 2 units, 2 hours/week



 Placement test profile  OR "Pass" in ACE N42

ACE 052 students are strongly encouraged to take ACE 053 with 052.


ACE 080, Writing Lab (0.2 unit)

ACE 081, Improving Pronunciation (3 units)

Reading 096 (3 units)

 High Intermediate/Refining

ACE  102, Writing/Reading 4 units, 6 hours/week 


ACE  093Speaking Skills 2 units,  2 hours/week


 Placement test profile OR "C" or above in ACE 052. 

ACE 102 students are STRONGLY encouraged to also enroll in ACE 093.




ACE 080, Writing Lab (0.2 unit)

ACE 081, Improving Pronunciation (3 units)

ACE 087, Culturally Speaking (3 units)

Reading 096 or 097, (3 units)

Counseling 113 (3 units)


ACE 116, Introduction to Composition

4 units, 6 hours per week








 Placement test profile  OR grade of "C" or better in ACE 102.


Any of the above ACE courses

Reading 102 ( 3 units)

Counseling 101 (3 units)

Counseling 113 (3 units)

Counseling 116 (3 units)


After completion of ACE 116 with a passing grade of C or better, students can register for English 101 or, if they wish, English 061 (one level before English 101).  Students who get a "C" in ACE 116 sometimes prefer to take English 061 before 101.