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1. Must all students with a disability register with the DSPS program?
NO, participation in DSPS is voluntary and students must request DSPS services.
2. Are students with a state disabled parking placard required to purchase a college parking permit?
YES, everyone parking at the college must have a current SCC parking permit.
3. What type of documentation must students provide to DSPS to obtain services?
4. What if I don't have documentation readily available regarding my disability or my documentation is over three years old?
Print out our Disability Verification Form and have it completed by your physician or other professional qualified to diagnose your disability.
5. What process must students follow to receive testing accommodations?
See the procedure for requesting DSPS Testing Accommodations.
6. Does DSPS offer learning disabilities assessment to students enrolled at the college?
7. Does the college offer Adapted Physical Education classes?
NO, SCC does not offer any adapted  exercise classes at this time; however, several of these classes are available at our sister college, Santa Ana College under Kinesiology Adapted Activities. See the Santa Ana College Class Schedule