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Helpful Educational Web Sites

Helpful Websites for Transfer Success:

1.            Explore different majors and careers


a. - information on majors and careers

                  i.  Open free student account by visiting SCC Career Center website

b. - information on careers

                  i.  Find Occupations tab

c. - information on careers

                  i.  A-Z index  tab

d. -information on majors

                  i.  Explore Majors tab


2.            Choose a major and decide what colleges you want to apply to


a.   Search for colleges that offer your major

                   i. - cover to cover college catalog          

                             Available only through SCC computers

                   ii.  - colleges all across the U.S.      

                    ·        Search by major, location, or degree

                   iii. - colleges in California

                    ·        Explore colleges, admissions and financial aid information

                   iv. - information on majors

                    ·        Information on majors that are offered at different colleges


                    ·        Explore Majors tab

b.       Decide what college(s) you want to apply to

                    i.   Attend a transfer fair  


                   ii.   Cal State University


                   iii.  University of California


                   iv.   Private universities and colleges

                    ·        The Common Application (Used by 500+ schools nationwide)


3.            Create a long-range plan with a counselor


            a.     Schedule a counseling appointment online or call (714) 628-4800


b.     Research your transfer options

                     i.   UC Admissions Requirements


                     ii.  CSU Admissions Requirements


                     iii.  Transferable courses


c.       Schedule to meet with a university rep in D-104 or call (714) 628-  4865



4.            Gather application materials and attend a transfer planning workshop


a.       Visit our website or call (714) 628-4865 for more information



5.            Get your applications ready for deadlines


a.       CSU application


b.      UC application                     


c.       GPA calculator


            d.      Transcripts


            e.       Unit converter tool