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Tutoring Center - Common Questions


[+1]1. Who is eligible to receive tutoring?

All RSCCD students, in both college credit classes and adult education classes, can receive tutoring help. Non-RSCCD students are not entitled to receive help from tutors.

[+2]2. Do I have to pay for the tutoring I receive?

No. The SCC Tutoring Center is available to all RSCCD students free of charge.

[+3]3. What qualifications do SCC tutors have?

Most SCC tutors are students from within our own district. However, a few of the tutors are upper division students at local universities. Regardless, all tutors are selected on the strength of their applications, transcripts, and interviews with the Tutoring Center Specialist. They are required to have achieved an 'A' in the classes they tutor. Additionally, a full-time professor must recommend and approve each prospective tutor. We choose tutors who have above average abilities in their field(s) as well as strong interpersonal skills. Furthermore, all tutors attend 12 hours of tutor training workshops in which they learn and practice the basics of tutoring at the college level. 

[+4]4. Where is the Tutoring Center?

The Tutoring Center is in U-80.

[+5]5. What are the hours for tutoring?

The Tutoring Center is open: Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Closed: Friday and Saturday (Hours for summer and Intersession vary. Please call 714-628-4791)

[+6]6. For which subjects are tutors available?

Tutors are available for at least thirty different subjects, including: Math, English, ESL (ACE), Chemistry, MS Office applications, Windows, High School Subjects, Psychology, Speech, Political Science, etc. (See our 'Find a Tutor' link)

[+7]7. Who can become a tutor?

SCC tutors are selected on the strength of their applications, transcripts, and interviews and are (or were) RSCCD students. Additionally, a full-time instructor (who teaches the subject to be tutored) must recommend each prospective tutor.  

[+8]8. Can I apply to be a tutor?

We accept applications all year, but most of the hiring is done at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. 

[+9]9. How much tutoring can I receive?

RSCCD students are not limited to a number of hours.  

[+10]10. Does SCC provide private tutors ?

The SCC Tutoring Center does not provide private tutoring.

[+11]11. Why should I go to tutoring?

Generally, students go to tutors for help with specific problems. However, many students come to the Tutoring Center to avoid having problems in their classes. We recommend that students get into the habit of making regular visits to the Tutoring Center from the beginning of each semester. English and ESL students are also welcome to go to tutors for help throughout the writing process, from getting started with a paper, to the final draft.

[+12]12. So if I go to tutoring, I'll get an 'A', right?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees. In most disciplines, and especially in writing, subjective criteria account for some part of the grade. Tutors will help to the best of their ability, but ultimately the grade you receive is based on your performance and each professor's requirements.

[+13]13. Why can some tutors help with more than one subject?

Often, because of the curricula of their majors, tutors may have extensive experience in more than one subject. For example, physics majors are required to take a great deal of math; in many cases, we consider them to be qualified to tutor those math classes as well as physics. Similarly, biology majors are required to take several chemistry courses, so they are often qualified to tutor those as well. Therefore, examine the schedule carefully to make sure you've selected a tutor who will be able to help with your particular questions.

[+14]14. How do I choose a tutor?

Many students choose a tutor on the basis of his or her schedule. They simply look at the schedule to choose a tutor in the subject whose hours are at a convenient time. Also, it may be to the student's advantage to get help from a variety of tutors.

[+15]15. When should I go to tutoring?

It's up to you, of course. We suggest that you come to the Tutoring Center ; soon after you receive your assignment. In the case of writing assignments, this gives you time to rethink ideas, organize, and rewrite. Although we certainly understand procrastination and last-minute all-nighters, it is advantageous to leave some time available for study after you see a tutor.

[+16]16. Do I have to make an appointment?

The Tutoring Center does not require an appointment. Tutoring is on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in tutoring is almost always available for English and Math up to Intermediate Algebra. Other subjects have more limited availability, so acquiring the tutor schedules ahead of time at the Center or over the phone is recommended. 

[+17]17. Are tutors affiliated with specific classes?

Professors may encourage or even require help from tutors with assignments. However, most tutors are affiliated with their subjects, but not with specific classes. If you have a question about whether a certain tutor can help with a certain class, contact the tutor directly.

[+18]18. Can I send you comments about a tutoring experience I had?

Absolutely. Your comments help us with the hiring process for next year, alert us to any problems with tutors, and let us know whom to commend for good work. These evaluations also help us make positive changes in the services available in the Tutoring Center. Please fill out an evaluation form about your tutoring experience. Thank you for providing feedback about our tutors and the Tutoring Center.

[+19]19. This tutoring stuff is great! How can I ever repay you?

The best way to let us know about a good experience you had with tutoring is by filling out an evaluation form.