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Associate Professor Maureen Roe

Associate Professor of English Maureen Roe
2008 Faculty Excellence Recipient

Professor Maureen Roe was Santiago Canyon College’s Faculty Excellence Award recipient for the 2008-2009 academic year. This honor is bestowed annually upon the college’s top full and part-time instructors.  Students and faculty nominate candidates, and final selection is determined by faculty vote. Nomination criteria include service to the college, commitment to student success, curriculum development and academic leadership.


Professor Roe joined SCC as a full-time faculty member in 2000.  She holds three degrees from Chapman University (B.A. degrees in both English and philosophy and an M.A. in English literature), and later returned to school to earn an M.A. in Education from American Intercontinental University.


In addition to teaching a wide variety of English classes, Professor Roe is an active member of the college community.  She serves on the Curriculum and Instruction Council and the Scholarship Committee, and is coordinator for the college Writing Center.  Professor Roe takes on extra assignments to benefit students, such as serving as an advisor for the English Club and the SCC Revival for Christ student organization.  In the past, she’s assisted with organizing Poetry Forums, campus-wide writing contests and student Town Hall Meetings, and has brought guest speakers to the college. 


Professor Roe not only instructs students in the classroom, she also teaches them by modeling the behaviors and attitudes that she wants them to exemplify.  She sums up her teaching philosophy in these words:  “What I show my students, they will use in their lives and pass along to others, forming an endless chain of learning. Teaching is a noble profession, because what we do outlives us.”


In her life outside of SCC, Professor Roe is always on the go with her husband and five children. Her weekends are spent (in between grading sessions) at Little League games, music lessons, Boy Scout events, church activities, and Costco.  She loves discussing politics, playing poker (for candy, not money), bowling and reading bedtime stories.  She holds a second degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, but her husband still outranks her by six degrees.  In addition, she is a lifetime certified counselor for the Orange County Jail Ministries, an organization she joined at the age of 14 when she began singing in local jails and youth facilities and counseling inmates on ways to improve their lives and become successful upon their release.


Professor Roe is proud to say that her life’s work is trying to help others—her children, students, and inmates—make something of themselves.  She takes pride in the accomplishments of those she’s taught.  “My colleagues and students at Santiago Canyon College are motivation enough to do a job that I love, so receiving the Faculty Excellence Award was very special,” she said.