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Each time you save a web page update, a version of the page is saved in the version history.

The current version history number shows on the top left of the page (e.g. Version: Published (16.0). 
Each version can be a major version or minor version (draft), depending on your settings in the Document Library Versioning Settings.

To view version history, select Version History under the Tools menu to open the Version History page.

View version history


The Versions page lists all the versions saved for that page.
From the Modified date dropdown, you can select View, Restore and Delete a selected version.



The number of major and minor versions is set in the Document Library Versioning Settings page.

Version History Settings

Steps to set up version history:

  • Open the Pages document library
  • Select Document Library Settings under Settings menu
  • Click on Versioning Settings under General Settings
  • In Document Library Versioning Settings page, edit the Document Version History settings.

History version settings


Note: in Document Library Versioning Settings page, you can turn off content approval by selecting No under “Require content approval for submitted items?

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