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To add JavaScript or Flash object to the page, you should create a new page and select a template that contains web parts.
Creating a Web Part Page

Create page

After creating a web part page, you can change the page to another web part template by going to the Page menu and select Page Settings.
Changing template
Select a Web part page template:

Template selection

Web part page in editing mode:

Web parts

Adding and Editing a Web part
To add a web part, click on "Add a Web Part" bar to open the Add Web Parts dialog. Select Content Editor Web Part under Miscellaneous.

Adding a web part

To edit a Web Part, select Modify Shared Web Part from Edit dropdown menu.

Editing mode

The orange dotted line indicates this web part is being edited.

Editing mode

Content Editor Web Part:

The Content Editor Web Part toolbar appears on the right hand side

Content Editor Web Part


click on Rich Text Editor button to open the Rich Text Editor.  This editor is similar to the Body Content editor.

In Rich Text Editor, text formatting tools are available. You can also switch to code view and add HTML.

Rich Text editor

click on Source Editor button to open the source editor. This editor is used for adding JavaScript, flash or video embed code.

Source editor


The screen below shows how a new web part look in the browser.

Web Part

Under Appearance in the Content Editor Web Part toolbar, you can change web part properties such as width, height, changing title wording, removing border around web part  or hide its title (select "None" under Chrome Type.)


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