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​​​​​​Learn & Earn: Apprenticeship Programs @ SCC

Want to get paid while you practice a profession? Santiago Canyon College's apprenticeship programs are a great way to gain practical skills while earning a solid paycheck. Ranging in length from two to five years, these programs give students a chance to make a living while getting on-the-job training under the supervision of accomplished professionals in their fields.

The best part: for every apprentice level you complete, you get a raise!

In addition, SCC apprentices are required to attend classes which provide supplemental instruction directly related to their fields. The good news: these classes are free and count towards college credit.

Upon successful completion, apprentices are issued a “Certificate of Completion" by the State of California, which officially designates the apprentice as a skilled journeyworker.

Depending on the program, students may also be eligible for a higher-level degree or certificate at no extra cost. For example, completing the 3-year Carpentry-Framing Apprenticeship not only satisfies requirements for a Certificate of Achievement, but also satisfies major requirements for an Associate of Science degree in Framing.

In conjunction with local employers and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, SCC offers several apprenticeship programs. Visit any of these links for more information on specific programs:​

Ready to take hold of your future with some hands-on training? It's time to roll up your sleeves and participate in an SCC apprenticeship!

If you have questions or if you'd like more information about any of the Business and Career and Technical Education programs, feel free call or email. You can also use our form to Contact Us.



​​​​​Your Career Education degree or certificate opens doors to bigger paychecks, broader opportunities, and more!

  • Electrician - $64,220
  • Carpenter - $54,390
  • Cosmetologist - $25,340
  • Millwright - $64,450
  • Machinery Maintenance Worker - $47,750
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic - $56,270
  • Cement Mason; Concrete Finishers - $49,470
  • Operating Engineer - $68,300
  • Electrical Powerline Installer, Repairer - $106,690
  • Surveying Technician - $63,670
  • Pile-Driver Operator - $89,970

​Santiago Canyon College’s Apprenticeship program offers 25 distinct apprenticeships, in disciplines connected to 25 associate degrees and 26 certificates.

  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Acoustical Installer
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Finish Carpentry
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Framing
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Insulator
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Millwrighting
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Plastering
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Carpentry-Tilt-Up
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Concrete
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Drywall Finisher
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Drywall/Lather
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Electricity-Industrial
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Electricity-Intelligent Transportation Systems Electrician
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Electricity-Sound Installer
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Electricity-Sound Technician
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice I
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice II
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Operating Engineers-Construction Safety Inspector
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Operating Engineers-Heavy Duty Repairer
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Operating Engineers-Heavy Equipment/Landscape Operator Engineer
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Operating Engineers-Plant Equipment/Rock, Sand and Gravel
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Operating Engineers-Special Inspector
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Pile Driver
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Power Lineman
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Surveying-Chainman
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Surveying-Chief of Party
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry Acoustical Installer
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Finish Carpentry
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Framing
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Insulator
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Millwrighting
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Plastering
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Carpentry-Tilt-Up
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Concrete
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Cosmetology
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Drywall Finisher
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Drywall/Lather
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Electricity-Industrial
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Electricity-Intelligent Transportation Systems Electrician
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Electricity-Sound Installer
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Electricity-Sound Technician
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice I
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice II
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Operating Engineers-Construction Safety Inspector
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Operating Engineers-Heavy Duty Repairer
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Operating Engineers-Heavy Equipment/Landscape Operator Engineer
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Operating Engineers-Plant Equipment/Rock, Sand and Gravel
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Operating Engineers-Special Inspector
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Pile Driver
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Power Lineman
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Surveying-Chainman
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Surveying-Chief of Party

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