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Code Enforcement

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Secure Futures: Code Enforcement Officer Training @ SCC

You might not realize it, but every single day, Code Enforcement Officers play a critical role in protecting the health, safety and welfare in the community. Careers in this field are a great choice for individuals looking to blend law enforcement with work that directly supports residential, business and public good.

Santiago Canyon College's Code Enforcement Officer Training program prepares students to become public servants whose primary duties are the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of laws related to such critical areas as public health and safety, public works, business activities, consumer protection, building standards, land use, zoning and municipal codes.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Code Enforcement provides the student with beginning through advanced knowledge of the legal and practical aspects of the code enforcement profession. Modules provide training in such areas as land use and zoning laws; health and safety codes; environmental regulations; officers safety and ethics, public nuisance laws; investigation and enforcement techniques; community engagement; and others.

Modules are taught by experienced college-approved professionals, and not only count towards college credit, but also provide students with the basic qualifications necessary to obtain entry-level jobs with local governments in most cities.

To top it off, because SCC is an International Code Council Preferred Provider, you can rest assured that your education meets all of the latest enforcement standards.

If you're ready to secure a better, bolder future, SCC's Code Enforcement Officer Training program may be for you!​

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STARTS NOV. 15, 2022

PBLC- 085 Modules 1, 2, 3 Feb 6 - Jun 4 
PBLC- 086 Module 1 Feb 27 - Mar 3
PBLC-087 Module 2 Mar 27 - Mar 31​
PBLC 088 Module 3 Apr 24 - Apr 28
PBLC 089 Module 4 May 22 - May 26

A certificate is provided after successfully completing each module.

Fall 2023 Schedule

PBLC-085 Module 1 Certificate Provided Aug 21 – Dec 9
PBLC-086 Module 1 Aug 21 – Aug 25
PBLC-087 Module 2 Sep 25 – Sep 29
PBLC-088 Module 3 Oct 23 – Oct 27
PBLC-089 Module 4 Dec 4 – Dec 8​



​​​​​Your Career Education degree or certificate opens doors to bigger paychecks, broader opportunities, and more!

  • Occupational Health & Safety Inspector - $83,420
  • Environmental Compliance Inspector - $80,830
  • Agricultural Inspector - $43,410
  • Licensing Examiner; Inspector - $80,830
  • Environmental Protection Technician - $54,100
  • Fire Inspector - $91,730
  • Government Property Inspector; Investigator - $80,830
  • Immigration & Customs Inspector - $95,560

​Santiago Canyon College’s Code Enforcement Officer Training program (found under the umbrella of Public Works) offers a Degree/Certificate in this Future BUILT field.

  • Associate of Science (AS): Code Enforcement and Compliance, the 1st in State of California
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Code Enforcement and Compliance
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Code Enforcement

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Full-semester option:

PBLC-085-02729 Code Enforcement Officer
Tuesday evenings on campus

Week-long Modules:

PBLC-086-02730 Basic
Sep 13-19, on campus M-F all-day

PBLC-087-02732 Intermediate
Oct 11-15, on campus M-F all-day

PBLC-088-02733 Advanced
Nov 1-5, on campus M-F all-day

PBLC-089-02735 Supervision
Dec 6-10, on campus M-F all-day

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​Sergio Verino, M.P.A (Program Facilitator)

Larry Breceda

Michelle Martinez

Paul Melby

Ali Pezshkpour

Mike Raneses

Pedro Roque

Ellen Smiley

Ronald Smith

Theresa Towner


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Average Salary In This Field

$43,410 -

Per Year

Potential Careers

Health & Safety
Building Inspector

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Program Facilitator

Phone: (714) 628-4883

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