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Public Administration and Policy

​​​​PBLC 153 HR and PBLC 155 will be offered Spring 2022. 

​​​What classes are needed to complete the program? 

Core Classes: 

• PBLC 150 Introduction to Public Administration 

• PBLC 151 Ethics and Professionalism: The Higher Calling of Public Service 

• PBLC 152 Preparing for Supervision in Public Service 

• PBLC 153 Public Sector Budgeting Fundamentals 

• PBLC 154 Public Sector Human Resource Fundamentals 

• PBLC 155 The Art of Politics and Policymaking 

Average Salary In This Field

$45,830 -

Per Year

Potential Careers

Parks and Recreation Staff
City Planner
Permit Supervisor
Fundraiser Activist
Outreach Director