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Guided Pathways Resources



AACC Guided Pathways
Includes information on the national project and work being done in other states

Bakersfield California Guided Pathways
Includes information on the planning process for the California initiative

California Community Colleges Guided Pathways
Includes information on the award program and technical assistance for the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office guided pathways framework

Includes resources such as a glossary of terms and links to webinars 



Guided Pathways: Planning,
Implementation & Evaluation

Infographic describing the key elements of implementing guided pathways

Guided Pathways Demystified
Responses to ten commonly asked questions and concerns about implementing guided pathways

Guided Pathways Demystified II
Responses to ten more questions and concerns about implementing guided pathways

Implementing Guided Pathways: Early
Insights from the AACC Pathways Colleges

A report providing insight into how colleges are planning and implementing guided pathways reforms.

Key Considerations for Choosing Technology Solutions to Support Guided Pathways
Guide outlining considerations for identifying and implementing technology solutions in support of your college's reform efforts, specific functions that technology can facilitate when implementing each of the four pillars, and a simple planning tool.

The Movement Toward Pathways
Description of the origins of the guided pathways reform movement.

Understanding the LaunchBoard ​​​​Guided Pathways Tab
This 30 minute recorded webinar provides an overview of the new LaunchBoard Guided Pathways tab, including which metrics are included, what types of disagregated and comparison data are available, and how to use this information to support guided pathways planning at your college.

What is the Guided Pathways Model? 
Article by Bakersfield college on interpreting guided pathways for California.

Fostering Student and Faculty Engagement
Three resources on engagement strategies, including one for students, one for faculty, and one for facilitation techniques.



View your colleges' results on the key performance indicators on the LaunchBoard Guided Pathways tab:

The tab shows the guided pathways key performance indicators for all 114 colleges, including:

  • two possible cohorts (first time ever in college, and first-time students who had summer or early college credits)
  • percentages and the number of students attaining each metric, which can be disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, and age
  • comparison data for regional medians, statewide medians, and the top college in the state, as well as historical trends
  • information in an easy-to-read tile format, a table format, and an Excel export



Community College Resource Center PowerPoint and Excel m​odel for calculating the enrollment and apportionment benefits of guided pathways.