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Distance Education Program Committee (DEPC)

​​​Approved by College Council 10-22-19


The mission of the Santiago Canyon College Distance Education Committee (DEPC) is to steer the Distance Education Program and work with the Distance Education Coordinator to establish standards, procedures, and policies that contribute to the quality and growth of the program. ​


  • Assist the Coordinator in reviewing, creating, and revising distance education standards, procedures, and policies.
  • Assist the Coordinator in reviewing and setting program goals/objectives
  • Assist the Coordinator in promoting and publicizing Distance Education
  • Evaluate evolving trends in distance education and construct recommendations for integrating effective practices into standards, policies, and/or procedures.
  • Review and make recommendations for program pathways (degrees, certificates, course offerings) as compiled by academic divisions
  • Review, make recommendations, and approve Distance Education Addendums before submission to the Curriculum and Instruction Council for approval
  • Review and revise expected learning outcomes for the online teaching certificate program
  • Assist with Distance Education website content and design
  • Create and maintain an online teaching community
  • Provide DE Technology and LMS Recommendations
  • Review and make recommendations on state and local DE initiatives and grants.


The Distance Education Coordinator and Vice President, Academic Affairs or designee will serve as co-chairs. 


Faculty DEPC members will be selected to adequately represent the faculty at large. Meetings will be according to the SCC meeting matrix schedule. Meetings will be scheduled on the second Monday from 3-4:30.

Membership will include the following members: 

Distance Education Program Coordinator (Co-Chair)
Vice President, Academic Affairs or designee (Co-Chair)
1 Faculty member from each Division. (6)
1 At-large Faculty member
1 Director of Student Information Support 
1 Classified representative (Student Services) 
1 Classified Digital Media Specialist
1 Student Representative