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Math Placement Test


The Math Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) has four different levels.  You will be asked to select the level at which you feel best prepared.  Remember, no calculators are permitted during testing!

To help you determine which Math Test level is right for you, Santiago Canyon College has provided several resources that we encourage you to utilize prior to taking the MDTP:

MATH Decision Chart - information on basic concepts covered across each of the four Math Placement Test levels to help you decide which level is right for you. 
Review the MATH Decision Chart

Math Placement Test Sample Questions - Questions covering the basic knowledge across each of the four Math Placement Test levels are available in the Testing Center (E-303) and the Counseling Center (D-106) in paper form.  Online versions of sample questions are available here:
Math Level 4: Pre-Calculus Sample Questions    

Math Placement Test Study Guides - study guides providing in-depth informational material, examples and exercises for each of the four Math Placement Test levels:
Math Level 1: Study Guide
Math Level 2: Study Guide
Math Level 3: Study Guide
Math Level 4: Study Guide

Please click here for more information or contact the Outreach Department at 714-628-4808 to schedule English and Math placement testing via SCC's EARLY WELCOME Program.

ATTENTION CONTINUING STUDENTS:  If you are a continuing student and need to take an English or math placement exam, please contact the Testing Center directly in order to sign up for an exam at 714-628-4985.

To schedule an appointment to take the Math Placement test, call the Testing Center at 714-628-4985.

Preparing for your Math Placement Test

MyMathTest- a dynamic, interactive online testing program that assesses student strengths and gaps in mathematical knowledge.  SCC provides access to this website as a wonderful preparation tool for students prior to taking the Math Placement Test. 
More information on accessing MyMathTest

Tutorial Videos 

Need to brush up on your algebra math skills before taking the placement test?
Review helpful videos that can assist you in preparing for the Math Placement Test.
Math Placement Test scores are valid for one year If you took the math test more than one year prior to the date you register and you did not take a math class during that year, you will need to retest.