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​​​The Associate of Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Accounting prepare students for entry-level positions and promotional opportunities in accounting and administrative departments of businesses in public and private sector areas such as manufacturing, merchandising, financial service, wholesale trades, and government. Specialized training in accounting and finance principles and practices enable students to maintain accounting records and develop financial reports and make effective use of financial information for analysis and decision making. Entry-level employment opportunities include positions in accounts receivable/payable, payroll, income tax preparation, cost accounting, and a number of trainee positions. Promotional opportunities include higher-level responsibilities in these areas and the areas of general ledger, financial statement preparation and financial statement analysis.

Students intending to obtain a bachelor's degree in Accounting are advised to meet with a SAC or SCC counselor, and to also look at the Business Administration requirements listed in the catalog of the transfer university of their choice. Students planning to transfer to CSUF should strongly consider taking BUS 222, Business Writing, to meet the communication requirement above and taking BUS 150, Introduction to Computing and Application Software to meet the Associate Degree requirements for computer skills and knowledge.​