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Anthropology Department

Division of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
David Vakil​
Department ​Chairs (Anthropology):Vanessa Engstrom
Faculty:Yanina Valdos
Phone:(714) 628-5030

The Associate in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer degree is designed to provide students with an understanding of the scientific and humanistic study of past and present cultures, nonhuman primate relatives and archaeology. Courses in this program explore the influence of anthropology on various professional areas such as archeology, ethnography, linguistics, physical anthropology, museology, elementary and secondary social science education, art, economics, history, international relations, music, law, political science, psychology, religion, social work and foreign service. Successful completion of the transfer degree in Anthropology guarantees the student acceptance to the California State University system to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Anthropology or a related field.

The Associate of Arts degree in Anthropology is designed as a program of basic courses for students considering professional careers as archeologists, ethnographers, linguists, physical anthropologists; for those preparing to become social science teachers in elementary or secondary schools; for such diverse fields as psychology, medicine, law, political science, international relations, economics, or history; and for individuals who plan public service careers in social work, health and welfare programs, and foreign service. Students should consult with faculty members for advice in selecting course offerings best suited to the individual's particular career objectives. The associate of arts degree prepares the student to move into a curriculum at a four-year institution leading to a baccalaureate degree in these careers.

It is strongly recommended that anthropology majors transferring to the CSU or UC system complete Foreign Language courses at the 201 and 202 level, and Social Sciences 219/219H or MATH 219/219H.

The anthropology curriculum is designed to prepare students considering professional careers as archaeologists, ethnographers, linguists, and physical anthropologists and for those who are preparing to be teachers.

In addition, anthropology generally prepares students for the fields of psychology, medicine, law, political science, social work, foreign service, international business and many other areas of employment.