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Strategic Enrollment Management Committee


​With a primary focus on sustaining long-term student success and in accordance with Santiago Canyon College's mission and core goals, the Strategic​ Enrollment Management Committee (SEMC) will develop a holistic and integrated approach to enrollment management that supports college-wide collaboration, engagement, creative-thinking and consensus building. 

The purpose of the S​​EMC is to discuss enrollment strategies and to make recommendations that contribute to student access, recruitment, persistence, completion, and lifelong learning through diverse program offerings.


  • Evaluate on-going enrollment trends, activities, and initiatives, and consider marketing efforts aiming to increasing enrollment
  • Initiate research on scheduling and instruction at the department and division levels as well as within and outside the district
  • Use high-quality qualitative and quantitative data to inform recommendations
  • Collaborate with college constituencies to develop, implement, and evaluate enrollment management goals and strategies that align with SCC’s Education Master Plan
  • Assess, evaluate, and make recommendations for student support strategies to enhance student access, success, persistence, and goal attainment
  • Report and make recommendations to Curriculum and Instruction Council and the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  • Monitor and evaluate progress toward strategic enrollment planning goals​


Curriculum and Instruction Council Chair or Designee and One Administrator will serve as co-chairs 


  • All Division Deans (Credit and Noncredit) or Designee
  • Assistant D​ean of Admissions and Records or ​Designee
  • Director of Student Information Systems
  • Public Information Officer (*non-voting)
  • Articulation Officer
  • Curriculum and Instruction Council Chair or Designee
  • 3 Classified Staff
  • 1 Student
  • 2 Faculty from Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Division
  • 2 Faculty from Mathematics and Sciences Division
  • 2 Faculty from Business and Career​ Education Division
  • 2 Faculty from Continuing Education Division
  • 1 Counselor
  • 1 Librarian
  • 1 Faculty from Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
  • 1 At Large Faculty Member​​