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Educational Master Planning Committee


This committee provides leadership for the cyclical revision of the Educational Master Plan (EMP), which is informed by program review, internal and external data, and student learning and achievement data from all areas of Academic Affairs, Continuing Education, Student Services, and Administrative Services. In addition, the committee assists in the development of institutional goals and the facilitation of institutional dialogue around program improvement. ​​


  • ​​Monitor and facilitate the annual planning process and ensure that the information is utilized for planning. 
  • Administer the Program Review Process, including template development, timeline creation and information dissemination. 
  • Report and make recommendations to the Academic Senate and College Council on planning and program evaluation. 
  • Investigate special topics related to planning as directed by College Council. 
  • Facilitate the development of institutional goals and the Educational Master Plan Document.


  • One faculty: in charge of agenda, facilitates meetings
  • One administrator: in charge of website, minutes, compilation of data, documents and reports​


  • 9 Faculty, one from each of the following areas: 
    • Humanities/Arts/Communication 
    • Social Science 
    • Library 
    • Mathematics 
    • Sciences 
    • Business/Career and Technical Education ​
    • Counseling 
    • Continuing Education 
    • ​​At Large 
  • 4 Classified (appointed by CSEA) 
  • 1 Vice President or Designee 
  • 1 Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Library and Learning Support Services 
  • ​1 Student

EMPC meeting agendas and minutes are located on the sub-page corresponding to each academic year.

EMPC 2023-2024EMPC 2022-2023EMPC 2021-2022
EMPC 2020-2021
​EMPC 2019-2020EMPC 2018-2019​EMPC 2017-2018 EMPC 2016-2017​
EMPC 2015-2016EMPC 2014-2015​EMPC 2013-2014 EMPC 2012-2013
EMPC 2011-2012EMPC 2010-2011EMPC 2009-2010EMPC 2008-2009

​EMPC working documents (timelines, DPP and program review guidelines and tutorials, academic program review templates, etc.) are located on EMPC Documents page. The actual published EMP document is also included here.

EMPC Documents