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Planning Update Calendar

​Policies, Procedures

​Update Frequency

Responsible Party​​​

​1 Year Prior to Educational Master Plan
​College Council
​Year at a Glance
​PIE Committee
​Program Review Templates
​Twice during each Educational Master Plan Cycle  
​EMP Committee 
​Faculty Handbook 
​Academic Affairs 
​Collegial Governance Handbook 
​Annually or as Needed 
​Academic Senate 
College Council 
​Curriculum Office 
​Educational Master Plan 
​Every 6 Years 
​EMP Committee 
​Enrollment Management Plan
​Every 3 Years
​Enrollment Management Committee
​Technology Master Plan
​Technology Committee
​Facilities Master Plan
​Every 10 Years
​Facilities Committee
​Board Policies 
Administrative Regulations 
​As updates are received by the Community College League of California 
​Board of Trustees 
District Council 
​Degrees and Certificates 
​Every 5 Years 
​Curriculum & Instruction Council 
​Registration and Enrollment Information 
​Admissions & Records 
​Financial Aid Information 
​Financial Aid Office 
​Clery Report 
​RSCCD Safety & Security 
​Bargaining Unit Contracts 
​Every 3 Years 
​Bargaining Units 
Human Resources