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Signature Program Characteristics

Academic Senate Approved
Characteristics of a Signature/Highlighted Program—12/2015


  • Not at every other community college, being one of a select few
  • Uniquely successful in the local area
  • A small subset of all programs at SCC

Attractive (to students and the community)

  • Increases positive public visibility and representation of SCC beyond the on-campus community
  • Brings positive attention to the college through noteworthy achievements
  • Contributes to the positive, long-standing legacy of SCC as being an exceptional place
  • Helps with recruitment—pulls students from area HS as well as throughout the county
  • Attracts and retains a diverse audience of students (the program should strive for equity like our campus as a whole is attempting to do). When they show they are "closing the equity gap" then the program is important for the college as a whole.
  • Serves the community that supports us—perhaps has several community projects


  • Nationally recognized faculty/leaders in their field
  • Earns regular and consistent awards regionally/statewide
  • Excels above other surrounding colleges
  • Results in strong course and program completion rates


  • Takes education beyond the classroom and provides opportunities for personal growth
  • Utilizes innovative methods, materials, and technology – programs that create a positive college experience for students
  • Supports student success


  • Provides academic support and transfer opportunities that greatly increase student success and reach to the universities such as preferential or priority admission, scholarship opportunities, and recruitment.
  • Leads to career connections and opportunities
  • May result in additional credentials besides an SCC's degree or certificate
  • Results in a strong record of success after completion (get jobs, transfer to university or other defined measures of success)


  • Facilities/Equipment/Supplies—in place or easily acquired/modified