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Hiring Request Forms, Process and Results

Process for Requesting a Faculty Position

  • By 5:00pm on Wednesday of the first week of Fall, the Senate President will notify interested disciplines that they may send an email indicating their interest in submitting a faculty hiring request.

  • The Senate President will send the list of disciplines to Institutional Effectiveness to compile data needed to complete the request form.

  • By 5:00pm on Wednesday of week 2, the hiring request form with data are distributed to requesting disciplines.

    • Remember that the Faculty Hiring Prioritization Assumptions and Critieria with Rubric Handout is available below for reference to understand how senators are guided to rank.

  • By 5:00pm on Thursday of week 3, the form must be completed and returned to the Academic Senate President. Late forms will not be accepted.

    • ​​Remember that this form and the data distributed by Institutional Effectiveness will become the source of information to advocate your position.

  • By 5:00pm on Wednesday of week 4, the Academic Senate President will distribute the completed hiring request forms, the prioritization assumptions and criteria with ranking rubric used by senators, and the Google Forms Ranking sheet to all senators.

  • By 5:00pm on Monday of week 6, senators submit their completed rankings via Google Forms. Senators are not required to submit the scores they gave to each proposal.

  • At the Senate meeting following the collection of rankings, the Academic Senate President will present the completed rankings as an informational item. The rankings are not adjusted after the final list is compiled.

  • Following the Senate meeting where rankings are presented, the Academic Senate President will meet with the College President to discuss the final list of full-time faculty positions.

  • The College President will email the campus community with the list of positions that will be hired during the academic year.

Faculty Hiring Prioritization Assumptions and Criteria with Rubric

Previous Year's Faculty Hiring Requests