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Signature Programs Listing

Faculty Identified Signature Programs & Services

The banners (domains/titles) delineate the areas to be highlighted (on the SCC website and elsewhere).  The programs and/or services listed under each banner signify faculty identified signature programs and/or services. 

Transfer Programs & Services 
Career Technical Education Programs & Services
​1.  Transfer Success Center 
​1.  Water Utility
​2.  Honors Program
2.  Public Works
3.  Pathways to Teaching
3.  Apprenticeship​
4.  STEM
​4.  Survey/Mapping
5.  MaSH
5.  Gemology
6.  Writing Center
6.  ​​Biotechnology

Continuing Education Programs & Services 

Student Endeavors
​1.  Vocational Education
​1.  Athletics
2.  ​STARS
2.  ​Forensics
​3.  Adult High School Diploma
​3.  Model United Nations
​4.  English as a Second Language
4.  ​Student Leadership
​5.  RS Adult Education Consortium ​5.  Associated Student Government
​6.  Adults with Disabilities ​6.  CAMP

Faculty Signature Programs & Services Review & Marketing Process
1.  ​The banners and related programs & services are to be highlighted on campus, on the SCC
     website, and
 in the community on a six-year basis, following the SCC Educational Master Plan

​2.  The intention is to annually rotate through the programs and/or services listed under each banner,
     following the numbered order of the programs and/or services.

3.  Every three years, the Academic Senate of Santiago Canyon College will review and revise the
     banners and their signature programs & services, allowing for newly identified signature programs
     & services to be emphasized in a timely manner.