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Resolutions of the SCC Academic Senate

Resolution Writing Guidelines


2017 - 2018
F2017.1      Affirmation of Changes to the Santiago Canyon College Mission Statement
F2017.2      Approval of the 2017-2020 Santiago Canyon College Technology Plan
F2017.3      Adoption of the 2017 Revisions to the Santiago Canyon College Academic Senate Bylaws
F2017.4      Adoption of a Quinquennial Review of Curriculum
F2017.5      Adoption of the 2017-2019 Integrated Plan: Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity, and Student                      Success and Support Program
F2017.6      Adoption of the 2016-2022 Santiago Canyon College Educational Master Plan Document
F2017.7      Affirmation of Revisions to the Educational Master Planning Committee Collegial Governance 
                    Handbook Description
F2017.8       Creation of a Nomination Process for the Hayward Award - FAILED
F2017.9      Affirmation of Continued Funding for
F2017.10    Replacement of Discontinued Signature Programs

2016 - 2017
F2016.1       Affirmation of the 2016 – 2022 Educational Master Plan Goals
F2016.2       Affirmation of the Revised Exceptions to Academic Regulations Committee Fall 2016
                     Governance Handbook Description
F2016.3       Adoption of the Revised "Academic Renewal without Course Repetition" Policy
F2016.4       Recommendation for the Adoption of Canvas as Santiago Canyon College's Learning Management                      System
F2016.5       Creation of a Joint Learning Management System Transition Task Force with Santa Ana College                           for the Blackboard to Canvas Conversion Process
F2016.6       Affirmation of Merging the Facilities and Safety/Emergency Committees and                                                        Subsequent Changes to the Collegial Governance Handbook Description
F2016.7      Affirmation of the Revisions to the Budget Committee Collegial Governance Handbook Description
F2016.8      Creation of the Technology for Institutional Effectiveness (TIE) Task Force
F2016.9      Adoption of the Rancho Santiago Community College District 2017-2020 Strategic Technology                            Plan
F2016.10    Adoption of the Revised Nomination Process for the Orange County Teacher of the Year Award
F2016.11    Santiago Canyon College Academic Senate Commitment to Providing a Safe Environment for  
                    Critical Inquiry for ALL Students       
S2017.1       Adoption of the Revised Hiring Process and Request Form   
S2017.2       Creation of the Faculty Tenure and Evaluation Process Task Force      
S2017.3       Creation of the Academic Freedom Task Force
S2017.4       Affirmation of the Revisions to the Website Committee Collegial Governance Handbook
S2017.5       Recommendation for Changes to the Honors Committee Collegial Governance Handbook
S2017.6       Creation of the Valedictorian Committee
S2017.7       Support for the Formation of the Department of Adults with Disabilities
S2017.8       Reaffirmation of the Faculty Identified Signature Programs & Services
S2017.9       Approval of the Santiago Canyon College 2017 Accreditation Midterm Report
S2017.10     Adoption of the Academic Freedom Task Force Recommendations

2015 - 2016

F2015.1       Approval of the ESL/Basic Skills 2015-16 Expenditure Plan Report
F2015.2       Recommendation for the Creation of the SCC Commencement Committee
F2015.3       Approval of the SCC Credit Student Success and Support Program Plan 2015-16
F2015.4       Approval of the SCC Noncredit Student Success and Support Program Plan 2015-16
F2015.5       Creation of the AS Faculty Hire Process Task Force
F2015.6       Exploring Potential Dual Enrollment between SCC & Unity Middle College High School
F2015.7       Adoption of the 2015-16 Student Equity Plan
F2015.8       Support for Splitting the Department of Social Sciences
F2015.9       Support for RSCCD Funding of Renovations for Orange Education Center
F2015.10     Approval of the SCC 2016 Follow-up Report
S2016.1       Adoption of Revised Academic Senate Bylaws
S2016.2       Support of Splitting the Department of Social Sciences
S2016.3       Support for Creation of Office of Evening and Weekend Instruction
S2016.4       Adoption of Faculty Recognition Committee Process for OC Teacher of the Year
S2016.5       Support for Request to Apply for a Grant for the Basic Skills and Student Outcomes                                            Transformation Program
S2016.6       Adoption of the Procedures for Providing Academic Adjustments to Students with Disabilities
S2016.7       Adoption of the AS of SCC Generated List of Signature Programs and Services and Related                               Process
S2016.8       Declaration of an Annual Date & Time for the Faculty Excellence Presentation
S2016.9       Affirmation of the Revised Faculty Recognition Committee Spring 2016 Description
S2016.10     Support for Increasing Student Access to High-quality Open Education Resources and to                                    Reduce the Cost of Textbooks and Supplies for Students.
S2016.11     Support for the Memorandum of Understanding between SCC and Unity Middle Colege
                    High School.
S2016.12     Support for the Formation of the Department of Economics, Geography, and Anthropology
S2016.13     Support for the Separation of the Department of Philosophy
S2016.14     Support for the Formation of the Department of Sociology, Women's Studies and
                    Ethnic & Chicano Studies.
S2016.15     Adoption of the SCC 2016-19 Enrollment Management Plan
S2016.16     Adoption of Spring 2016 Academic Senate of SCC Faculty Hiring Process
S2016.17     Opposition for For-profit Company Involvement in Honors Program Opportunities
S2016.18     Support for Merging the Facilities & Safety/Emergency Committees 

2014 - 2015

F2014.1       Support for Institutionalization of Basic Skills Programs & Services
F2014.2       Creation of a Faculty Committee Assignment and Workload Task Force
F2014.3       Adoption of New SCC Academic Senate/Castle Foundation Scholarship Criteria
F2014.4       Acceptance of the 2011-12 ESL/Basic Skills Allocation End-of-Year Expenditure Report
F2014.5       Joint Resolution Regarding RSCCD Participation in SB 850 Baccalaureate Pilot Program
F2014.6       Adoption of the 2014-2015 Student Equity Plan
F2014.7       Support for the Fall 2014 Revisions of the RSCCD Administrative Regulations 7120.1 & 7120.4
F2014.8       Adoption of Student Success and Equity Committee Governance Handbook Description
F2014.9       Adoption of Steve Kawa Spirit Day
F2014.10     Support of Adopting Revised Procedures BP 6117
F2014.11     Support of SCC CIC Recommendation on Determining Max Course Capacity
F2014.12     Support of PIE Recommended Revisions to Request for Authorization to Apply for a Grant Doc.
F2014.13     Adopt CIC Governance Handbook Description
S2015.1       Abstention from Participation in Programs in Saudi Arabia
S2015.2       Creation of an Academic Senate Class Schedule Matrix Task Force -- FAILED
S2015.3       Faculty Adoption of 2015-2016 Distance Education Faculty Handbook
S2015.4       Affirmation of Participatory Governance in All RSCCD Programs
S2015.5       Support for Recognition of Psi Beta as a Co-Curricular Program
S2015.6       Support for the Creation of the Distance Education Program Committee (DEPC)
S2015.7       Approval of the Hiring Request Form Changes

2013 - 2014
F2013.1       Adoption of Revised SLO Mapping for Degrees and Certificates
F2013.2       Joint RSCCD Senates resolution Of Adoption of Policy for Temporary Suspension of Courses
F2013.3       Acceptance of Educational Master Plan Committee Recommended 11 April 2013 SCC Mission
F2013.4       Acceptance of the 2012-2013 Basic Skills Allocation End-of-Year Report
F2013.5       Adoption of Committee Senate Summary Report Submission Process
F2013.6       Creation of an Academic Senate Committee Schedule Task Force
F2013.7       Adoption of Fall 2013 revised Academic Program Review Template
F2013.8       Adoption of 9 May 2013 Distance Education Faculty Handbook
F2013.9       Affirmation of the Santiago Canyon College Fall 2013 Technology Plan
F2013.10     Affirmation of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee F13 Governance Handbook
F2013.11     Support of Dissolution of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Review Committee
F2013.12     Addition of Content Review to Policy on Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories
F2013.13     Affirmation of the Enrollment Management Committee Mission and Responsibilities
F2013.14     Addition of a Standardized Schedule for Committees and Meetings at SCC
SP2014.1     To Dissolve the Academic Senate/Castle Foundation OSHER Scholarship and to Discontinue
                    Annual Contributions to a Scholarship Fund -- FAILED
SP2014.2     Adoption of the AA-T and AS-T Reciprocity Agreement
SP2014.3     Adoption of Strategic Enrollment Management Implementation Plan
SP2014.4     Accelerated One-Year Degree
SP2014.5     Approve Spring 2014 Website Redesign
SP2014.6     Adoption of Professional Development Committee Governance Handbook Description
SP2014.7     Adoption of Spring 2014 Budget Committee Governance Handbook Description
SP2014.8     Nomination of Melinda Womack for Election as Commissioner to ACCJC
SP2014.9     Support of the Associated Student Government of SCC Student Trustee Representation Change
SP2014.10   Approval of the SCC 2014 Self Evaluation Report for the ACCJC
SP2014.11   Support of SCC Participation in the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index
SP2014.12   Adoption of the 2014-2015 Student Success and Support Program Plan
SP2014.13   Support for Offering Winter Intersession in 2015

2012 - 2013
F2012.1       Resolution for Approval of Revisions to Procedures and Requirements Attendant BP 6117
F2012.2       Resolution for Senate Support of Proposition 30—Governor Brown’s 2012 Tax Initiative
S2013.1       Resolution for Adoption of Revised AS Constitution
S2013.2       Resolution for Adoption of Revised AS Bylaws
S2013.3       Resolution for Creation of Faculty Enrollment Management Task Force
S2013.4       Resolution for Support of Splitting Departments of Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences
S2013.5       Resolution for Acceptance of March 11, 2013 Proposed Planning Institutional Effectiveness                     (PIE) Committee  Composition
S2013.6       Resolution for Acceptance of 2 April 2013 Educational Master Plan Committee (EMPC)
S2013.7       Resolution for Adoption of the ASCCC 2009 paper “Enrollment Management Revisited”
S2013.8       Resolution for Adoption of the 2013 Faculty Enrollment Management Philosophy and Guiding                     Principles
S2013.9       Resolution in Support of the Creation of an SCC Enrollment Management Committee
S2013.10     Resolution for Implementation and Adoption of April 2013 Request for Faculty Position
S2013.11     Resolution for Acceptance of a Santiago Canyon College Orange County Teacher Award Process
S2013.12     Faculty Support of Joining the MindSpring Initiative in Fall 2013
S2013.13     Support of the Creation of a Santiago Canyon College Website Committee
2011 - 2012
F2011.1       Resolution for Transition from a Motion Based to Resolution Based Structure
F2011.2       Resolution for Formation and Guideline of Committees and Task Forces
F2011.3       Resolution in Support of John Smith's Nomination for the California Community Colleges Board
                    of Governors
F2011.4       Resolution in Support of Adopting the Statement on Standards of Assessment Practice for
                    Instructional Programs
F2011.5       Resolution in Support of Recommending and Following the Faculty Revised "Request for
                    Authorization to Apply for a Grant"
F2011.6       Resolution in Support of Adopting the "SCC Faculty Vision and Core Values Statements"
F2011.7       Resolution in Support of the Honors Program Advisory Committee (HPAC) to Become a Senate
                    Approved Honors Program Committee
F2011.8       Resolution in Support of the District Purchase of Task Stream Assessment Management Software
S2012.1       Resolution in Support of the Revision to the Budget Allocation Model
S2012.2       Resolution in Support of the Revision to the Equivalency Forms
S2012.3       Resolution to Adopt Revisions to the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Review
                    Committee Description
S2012.4       Resolution in Support of Library Collections
S2012.5       Resolution to Adopt Revisions to the Honors Program Committee Description
S2012.6       Resolution to Adopt the Fall 2012 Flex Calendar
S2012.7       Resolution to Support the Request for Authorization to Apply for the Student Mental Health
                    Program Grant.
2010 - 2011
F2010.1       Resolution in Support of the Changes to the Minimum Qualification for Education
F2010.2       Resolution in Support of Increased Release Time for the Honors Program
F2010.3       Resolution in Support of District Purchase of License
F2010.4       Resolution in Support of C-ID

2009 - 2010
F2009.1       Resolution Regarding the Replacement of the Chancellor
S2010.1       Resolution in Support of an Articulation Officer

2008 - 2009
F2008.1      Resolution in Nomination of Janis Perry