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Folder: MinutesMinutesLui, Anson
Folder: AgendasAgendasLui, Anson
Folder: Agendas-ArchiveAgendas-ArchiveLui, Anson
Folder: Minutes-ArchiveMinutes-ArchiveLui, Anson
Folder: NewslettersNewslettersBusche, Don
Folder: Technology PlanTechnology PlanBusche, Don
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2017-2020_SCC_Technology_Master_Plan.pdf2017-2020_SCC_Technology_Master_PlanHo, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Sept 2017.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Sept 2017Ho, Alice
2017 Spring May 18.pdf2017 Spring May 18Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- May 2017.pdfTech Committee Agenda- May 2017Ho, Alice
SCC TEC 04.20.17 Meeting minutes.pdfSCC TEC 04.20.17 Meeting minutesHo, Alice
2017 Spring March 16.pdf2017 Spring March 16Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Mar 2017.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Mar 2017Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Apr 2017.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Apr 2017Ho, Alice
2016 Fall November 17 (1).pdf2016 Fall November 17 (1)Ho, Alice
TC_Meeting_Minutes_20131114_Draft.pdfTC_Meeting_Minutes_20131114_DraftHo, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Nov 2016.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Nov 2016Ho, Alice
SCC TEC 10.21.16 Meeting minutes.pdfSCC TEC 10.21.16 Meeting minutesHo, Alice
Minutes 2016 Fall Sept 15.pdfMinutes 2016 Fall Sept 15Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Oct 2016.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Oct 2016Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- Sept 2016.pdfTech Committee Agenda- Sept 2016Ho, Alice
2016 Spring May 19.pdf2016 Spring May 19Ho, Alice
2015 Fall October 15.pdf2015 Fall October 15Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda- May 2016.pdfTech Committee Agenda- May 2016Ho, Alice
Tech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015.pdfTech Committee Agenda-Sept 2015Ho, Alice
2016 Spring March 17.pdf2016 Spring March 17Ho, Alice
2016 Spring April 21.pdf2016 Spring April 21Ho, Alice
2016 Spring February 18.pdf2016 Spring February 18Ho, Alice
2015 Fall November 12 (3).pdf2015 Fall November 12 (3)Ho, Alice
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