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CCC Confer:
Q & A with Amy Cuneo

Amy Cuneo is a math instructor at SCC. She uses CCC Confer with both her online and traditional math classes.

1.    What is CCC Confer?

CCC Confer is a web conferencing system for California Community Colleges provided by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. 

2.    Who can use it? 

Faculty, administrators, staff, or students. 

3.    Why should faculty use CCC Confer? 

They can hold alternative office hours for students who cannot make it to on-campus office hours, particularly students in an online class, hold study sessions, and hold online reviews. 

4.    What are some benefits that are geared towards student? 

Holding online reviews the evening before an exam can be quite beneficial for the student. For example, if there is a Monday/Wednesday class that has an exam on Monday, the students do not have class for four days. By the time they have questions, a Sunday night online review can take place via CCC Confer where students can ask questions.  

Some students cannot make on-campus office hours, yet they still have questions and still need help. If a student wants to set up an appointment, we can meet on CCC Confer without the student leaving his/her home while still obtaining the help he/she needs. 

5.    How does this benefit particularly students who take an online class? 

For an online class, where they rarely interact face-to-face with the instructor, CCC Confer is accommodating to the online student. Faculty using CCC Confer will have more student-faculty interaction. Faculty could hold online office hours, appointments with students, and even have student-to-student interaction in the same virtual conference room.  

6.    How would faculty show work or present material the same way as they would during on-campus face-to-face office hours, study sessions, or exam reviews? 

As the moderator, faculty can connect their computer/laptop to the current virtual conference room so that all the students in the conference can view what is displayed on the faculty’s computer screen.

A Tablet-PC would be a perfect alternative. If a Tablet PC is used, then faculty can show, present, and write out answers or solutions to problems rather than just explaining in words.  

7.      Is CCC Confer hard to set-up? 

Absolutely not. If faculty go to and click Presenter/Faculty Sign-up, the site takes you through a step-by-step sign-up process. The site then sends an email with a confirmed username and password. Once faculty log in, faculty can set up weekly office hours, study sessions, or online reviews. 

8.      How do students know which conference is for their class? 

Students will be given an 800 number to call with a passcode. The passcode is the code that is unique to their class, so only students in their class will be in the phone conference.

Students will also log into the CCC Confer site with their passcode so that they can enter the virtual conference room and see their instructor’s current computer screen. 

9.      Any other perks to CCC Confer? 

Besides that it’s free! CCC Confer also allows the moderator to archive each online conference. So the meetings are available even after the virtual conference takes place. Students or faculty will always have access to their online conferences. 

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