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Why We Exist: How the Technology Committee Works for You

What is our role on campus?  How can we best serve Santiago Canyon College?  These are just two of the quasi-existential questions that we, as a committee, have been asking ourselves.  Moreover, to better comprehend our position on campus, we even polled many of you asking a number of the same questions. 

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We would like to introduce two regular features to our newsletter:


New Technology News
Curious about the latest technology?  Wondering if there are any resources that can assist you with instruction?  Want to know about the latest technological trend?  If so, New Technology News is the place for you!  Use the link above to learn more.

Advocacy Corner
Have a concern in regard to technology?  Thought of a topic that you’d like the Technology Committee to discuss?  Need training for different types of technology? Use the link above to learn more.


How do students communicate? Texting? Facebook? Twitter? We asked our student representive, William Jimenez, to write on his perspective of student networking.

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Have you tried CCC Confer yet? It is a free web conferencing system for California Community Colleges provided by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Darlene Diaz had the opportunity to sit down with fellow math instructor Amy Cuneo.

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  How To Video

Do you have a Facebook account?  If so, you will want to know about Facebook’s Privacy settings. (Please note: Facebook added changes to the privacy settings after this video was made, but the differences are minimal.)

Please view this video article by clicking on the image.  
(Or, click here for a closed caption version.)

If you are interested in learning how this video was made, please come join your colleagues at a Multimedia Club meeting (contact Scott James for details and meeting times).


SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching and enhance student learning.

Committee Memebers: Curt Childress (Co-Chair), Corinna Evett (Co-Chair), Al Huerta, Alice Ho, Scott James, William Jimenez (Student), Darlene Diaz, Bonnie Slager, and Cindy Swift.

Design and Desktop Publishing: Cindy Swift  
Banner Design: Eric Harsen  Editing: Corinna Evett and Cindy Swift

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December 2009