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News and Advocacy

 December, 2009 Page 3

 Advocacy Corner

We want your feedback.Have a concern in regard to technology?  Thought of a topic that you’d like the Technology Committee to discuss?  Need training for different types of technology?  Well you’ve come to the right place!

Advocacy Corner provides you another avenue to communicate with the Technology Committee.  We want to hear from you so that we can better serve our campus, so please use the link below to send us your questions, comments, concerns—really anything that you’d like us to consider.

Wait, there’s more! Once you’ve posted a comment, request, etc., don’t forget to check back.  In addition to providing you a place to voice your needs, Advocacy Corner is also the place for you to stay current with the ways that the Technology Committee is advocating for our campus.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Send Advocacy Items To:

Corinna Evett

 New Technology News

Curious about the latest technology?  Wondering if there are any resources that can assist you with instruction?  Want to know about the latest technological trend?  If so, New Technology News is the place for you! 


When the Technology Committee comes across technological advances that will benefit and/or impact our campus in some way, we’ll post the info for you here.  Furthermore, in order to assist us with staying current in an environment that is constantly evolving, please use the link below to share any New Technology News that you deem beneficial to the campus.

Send Technology News Items To:

Cindy Swift


 News From the Library

EBSCO journal databases are now available for easier access on iphone, BlackBerry and other Internet enabled handheld devices through the new EBSCO Mobile interface. You can now search and view journal articles in the palm of your hand anywhere you go.

To get started, visit the library website ( from your handheld device. Use CONNECT FROM HOME button and log in with your Webadvisor ID/password. Select EBSCO Mobile and search any database. Try it today!



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