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Why Tech Comm Exhists

Why We Exist:
How the Technology Committee Works for You

What is our role on campus?  How can we best serve Santiago Canyon College?  These are just two of the quasi-existential questions that we, as a committee, have been asking ourselves.  Moreover, to better comprehend our position on campus, we even polled many of you asking a number of the same questions.  As the committee chair, I thought I would share some of the conclusions at which we have arrived.

Inform.  Upon reflection, it is clear that one of our purposes on campus is to stay informed and up-to-date with what is happening in the world of technology. Because staying current with technological advances is truly beneficial to all on our campus, we have considered a number of ways to inform you of our findings.  Our newsletter has been our primary vehicle for communication with you.  In order to make communication even more effective, we now publish the newsletter in an electronic format with links for you to go straight to websites relating to article topics as well as sections where you can communicate directly with us.  For a quick look at what is happening with technology, please view our New Technology News section of the newsletter where we not only provide current technology information, but also, we welcome you to share any new technology information that you might have with us.

Provide.  In addition to keeping the members of our campus informed, we have also considered what we can provide the campus, especially during these difficult economic times.  One area where we can assist is by providing training opportunities and alternatives.  During flex week each semester, we sponsor various sessions that promote instructional technologies as well as provide training opportunities with various technologies.  That is something that we will continue to provide.  Furthermore, our website provides a lot of information regarding technological resources for you both on and off campus.  As a result of unfortunate budget constraints, our campus has lost some of its technological support.  Therefore, we have pooled our resources on the Technology Committee, and in order to assist you with additional technological support, our members are available to provide you with brief tutorials and answers to possible questions you might have in regards to any number of programs that you might be using on campus.  Please see the “Technology Resources” page on our website for contact information and current training opportunities.

Advocate.  Although we consider keeping you informed and providing you resources a large part of our duties on the Technology Committee, we have concluded that our true goal is advocacy.  We are here to advocate for you.  We have advocated and will continue to advocate for improving and sustaining the technologies that we use in all areas on our campus.  However, currently, we are in the beginning stages of researching what it would take to have a Multimedia Training Center on campus.  Although, given the current budget situation, advocating for a Multimedia Training Center may seem ludicrous, one day, and we hope that day is soon, we will rise out of this dismal economic crisis, and when we do, the Technology Committee wants to be prepared.  As a result, we are making the best of a bad economic situation by taking this time to research, brainstorm, and advocate for a Multimedia Training Center at Santiago Canyon College.  This is only one goal, and in order to have a better understanding of the things for which you would like us to advocate, we have created another interactive section in our online newsletter: Advocacy Corner.  As we provide updates as to what sorts of things we are advocating, we also ask that you use the Advocacy Corner as a place to submit requests for advocacy—the technologies, trainings, etc. that you would like to see on our campus.

As a result of our quasi-existential discourse, we have a clearer vision of the Technology Committee’s role at Santiago Canyon College.  We hope that you will support us as we continue to work to fulfill our charge by communicating even more and continuing to share your suggestions with us.  Overall, this process of reflection has energized us, and the members of Technology Committee are truly excited to serve you!

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